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Yogance (Yoga & Dance) with Apoorva

by Shopify API on February 16, 2018

Apoorva Jayarajan-Designer, Choreographer, Yoga & Acro Yoga practitioner

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Being a Dancer, I first started taking up sangeet choreographies at the age of maybe 12, held dance classes and dance workshops for friends and kids way back in the year 2008, when the concept of “Sangeets & choreography” was still pretty raw. Yoga was always a part of our warm ups and workouts at Dance class and we made it a point to do it as diligently as we could. I finished my studies, worked a couple of years, but met with an accident in the year 2014, that made me sit at home and get restless. My sister and I thought we could use that time, gather our friends and organized and choreographed a tribute to Michael Jackson, that turned into 50 artists from the city in front of an audience of 1000! I got a lot of choreography opportunities thereon and yoga happened perchance. One such practice session on a boring afternoon with no particular inspiration came the idea of using Yoga Asanas in a choreography to see how it looks. I was stoked with how it looked in the video, and thought of extensively researching and incorporating some particularly tough looking asanas. For this, I started practicing the Asanas on my own looking at Youtube videos, reading a lot of yoga books, following some inspiring InstaYogis and lots and lots of self-practice. at the studio, I decided to fuse my knowledge of Dance with a little bit of Yoga stretches that I knew, fused with moves that looked like Indian Classical and Ballet moves, and *BAM* Yogance was born.



What is your daily source of inspiration? - I get inspired and learn a lot from fellow Instagrammers, read a LOT of books, watch a crazy amount of Youtube videos, research about yoga, postures, their benefits, do's and don’ts, and don't miss out on oodles of self-practice. That's the only way you can think creatively, use your own brain juices to come up with new and exciting ideas, get what's latent inside your mind out there and just be fearless about experimenting!



What is one life lesson you've learnt in your pursuit of fitness? - 

There is no magic pill in this world for good health. It is an everyday effort, and believe me EVERYDAY counts!! Don't get confused by fancy names and “cool” sounding routines. Find any workout regime that works for your, whether running, jumping, skipping, walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, zumba, working out at a gym, working out in your home, whatever... but stick to it sincerely, control your diet, and just stay Happy, positive and grateful! That's the only key to amazing health!!



Do you employ any unconventional or conventional ways to motivate yourself to stay fit and disciplined? What are they? 

I just practice, a LOT. Disciplined, self-practice is the only way to get started. A LOT of your health depends on how you see yourself, and that should truly motivate you. Remember nothing comes to anyone by being lazy! I started posting pictures on Instagram as a way of being accountable and to check my progress, that helps me stay creative, focused, get instant feedback about my work and just be fearless with ideas and experiments!




When did you first start consciously thinking about your nutrition and why? 

I was never a foodie and to be honest I am quite fussy about what I eat and how many portions. Though I never turn up my nose for veggies or have food tantrums, my parents have always made sure I eat everything under the sun in moderation. Nutrition does play a huge role in how your body,hair and skin looks and feels! Nutrition, like your workout, is an everyday process, and you've got to be really mindful of what you're putting inside your body!



In 5 words, what piece of advice would you give your younger self? 

Eat that cake, don't worry about those pimples! (Sorry, had to be longer than 5 words!)


What is your biggest indulgence? What's your favourite way to unwind?

My mum's Biryani! My weakness! I am blessed enough to be working in a space that continuously inspires me, motivates me and lets be free and creative. "Unwinding" makes me restless as the need to work is very exciting!! Reading is one of my ultimate relaxation things and you can always find me in one corner of the housing reading or maybe re-reading some favorite books of mine to unwind!