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by Aditya Anand on January 29, 2018


Other Recipe:

Yogabar Icecream



  • Yogabar20gm Protein bar
  • 8 Almonds, 8 Cashews, 4 walnuts, 6-7 Kishmish
  • One medium sized banana
  • 2 scoops of Sugar free ice cream


  • Cut a Banana in small pieces in a bowl
  • Mix all the nuts along with banana in the bowl
  • Warm a Yogabar 20gram protein bar in the microwave for 1minute to turn it into a soft brownie
  • Add your microwaved protein bar along with banana and nuts
  • Top off with 2 scoops of ice cream J

Approximate calories 500cals but it is way better than your regular ice creams because it contains almost 25-26grams of protein with very less sugar. You can have it once in a month as a clean cheat meal if you r on fat loss/ weight loss journey.