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Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars
Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars
Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars
Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars
Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars
Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars
Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars

Blueberry Pie Breakfast Bars

  • Blueberry Pie
    Breakfast Bars
  • Breakfast protein bars are crunchy, chewy, fruity, delicious bars that are great as an on-the-go breakfast. Grab a bar and get, set, go with your day.
  • SIZE: 60g Bar X 6 nos
    MRP: Rs. 290.00
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    100% SECURE

    The Breakfast when
    you skip Breakfast.

    Stacked with good-for-you protein, antioxidants, omega 3's and fibre, it's much more than just a quick healthy breakfast bar - it's nutrition and energy to get you going. Pack them in your pocket and get munching on the move!

    What each bar contains:

    • 8g of protein, 7g fibre, 10g of whole grain per bar
    • Made from wholesome ingredients like quinoa, oats, millets, almonds, peanuts, flax and chia seed
    • 100% Natural ingredients
    • No preservatives. No artificial ingredients
    Easy and Convenient
    to carry:

    No time for breakfast? No problem! Munch on these while on the move and you can get a full soul-sustaining mix of all the protein and fibre you need.


    Did we really pack in oats, millets and almonds into a bar? Yes, yes and yes. Did we mention 10g of whole grains? And nuts? And seeds? TL/DR: It's nutritious.

    Flavours to
    die for.

    Some like Apricot Fig. Some dig Apple Cinnamon. Others swear by Blueberry Pie. And then there are the Almond Coconut fans.Which one are you?


    per serving
    Energy 229 Kcal %DV
    Protein 7.9g 15%
    Total Carbs 29.6g 10%
    Dietry Fibre 7.0g 29%
    Sugars 8.7g
    Fat 9.0g 15%
    Saturated Fat 2.3g 14%
    MUFA 3.1g
    PUFA 3.1g 39%
    *approx value. %DV based on a 2000 kcal diet. **NetCarbs calculated as (Total Carbs - Fibre). ***alpha linolen c.


    Whole grains
    Assorted Seeds
    Assorted Nuts


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Kushal Ashok Kumar
    Choicest protein bar

    This breakfast protein bar is perfect for college students like me who never have the time for breakfast. We tend to regularly miss out on the most important meal of the day and this product helps us rectify that with efficacy.

    Arpit Kakkar
    Nourishing breakfast snack

    This breakfast bar delivers excellent nourishment while having a great taste. It has a nutty and crumbly consistency which I like very much. You can literally taste all the natural flavors incorporated in the breakfast bar in every bite you take.

    Soumyajeet Bakshi
    Good flavor and taste

    Each of these different flavored breakfast bars have a content of about 8g of protein, 7g of fibre, and 10g of whole grains. This proves the elevated nutritious value of this product. The delicious blueberry flavor is just the icing on the cake.

    Samar Qureshi
    Perfect blend of flavors

    Blueberry pie has always been my favorite confection. I never thought that I would find a healthier alternative for my favorite snack. This blueberry pie breakfast bar emulates the deliciousness of blueberries while maintaining a good level of nutrition.

    Krishanu Dutta
    Delicious and productive

    This breakfast product comes in an amazing blueberry flavor that is nutritionally rich as well as delicious. It is made with organic blueberries, assorted nuts and seeds, along with whole grains like quinoa, millets, brown rice, etc. It is rich in protein and fibre.