Yogabar Multigrain Energy Bar: Variety Pack (10 bars)

Product image 1Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Pack 3 box subscription
Product image 2Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Pack
Product image 3Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Pack
Product image 4Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Pack
Product image 5Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Pack
Product image 6Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Pack
Product image 7Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Pack

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Multigrain Healthy Bars: Protein and Fibre Rich, Naturally Fortified and Nutritious with Oats, Millets and Almond

  • First ingredient: The first ingredients in all the bars are nutritious ingredients like whole grains, nuts, berries and seeds
  • Protein and Fibre rich bars: A higher mix of the important nutrients
  • No Corn Syrup or Artificial Sweeteners: only dates and honey to sweeten our bars. Our multigrain bars have less sugar than most granola bars
  • No Hydrogenated Oils / Fats: Because natural fats from almonds and peanuts are good for us
  • No Artificial Preservatives: These natural energy bars are free of preservatives - we want long term health for our consumers not a long life on the shelves for our bars
Rated as the best energy bars on Amazon, the Vanilla Almond energy bar can be used as a snack bar, pre or post workout bar, high energy breakfast bars
This variety pack contains the following: Chocolate Chunk Nut - 2, Vanilla Almond Crunch - 2, Nuts and Seeds - 2, Cashew Orange - 2


Whole Grains 26% (Brown rice, Millets (Saamai, Foxtail), Rolled Oats 15%), Honey 20%, Almonds 12%, Dates, Seeds 9% (Sunflower, Chia (3%)), Rice crispies, Belgian Dark Chocolate 6% (Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Cocoa butter, Soya lecithin), Peanut protein powder

CONTAINS ADDED NATURAL FLAVOUR(Rosemary Extract, Vanilla Extract)

Nutrition Facts* Amount/Serving   Amount/Serving  
Serv Size: 1 bar (38g) Total Carbs 24.3g Total Fat. 5.6g
Calories: 157 Kcal Sugar 7.6g Sat Fat. 1.0g
  Dietary Fibre 3.2g MUFA 2.3g
  Protein 4.7g PUFA 1.9g
  Cholesterol 0.0g    
*approximate values


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