Cookie Dough Recipe

Remember when you were little and in the kitchen getting your hand smacked off eating raw cookie dough or cake batter?

This recipe gives you a pretty little flashback. Only difference is, this time, you get to eat the dough, tho 😉

All you need:
1½ cup ground oats flour (just fine blend your oats at home)
1 generous tbsp of Yogabar Peanut Butter
1½ tbsps of maple syrup
1 drop of vanilla essence
¼ cup of chocolate chips

For that doughy texture, add the first four ingredients to a bowl and gently stir to get the right texture. Sprinkle a tiny pinch of salt to balance. You can now add your chocolate chips and stir till they are evenly spread.

How can you enjoy this? Right out that bowl, fam! You can even turn these into tiny dough balls and freeze them to store for up to 2 weeks! Pop the dough spheres in a shake or enjoy them as a snack!

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