Everyday Heros

Yoga as a way of life for Rohini

Rohini-Founder at Chennai Yoga Studio and a Yoga trainer Social Link I think yoga choose me. I had extraordinarily b...

How Yoga found Nora

Nora Lim-Founder at Think off the mat Social Link   I found Yoga at a point in my life when I felt like there's a vo...

What Makes Nitish Scale Mountains?

Nitish Walia: Adventure Photographer and Mountaineer. This instance happened during my very first trek when we were ...

The Middle Path Of Natasha Mahindra

Founder at Anam Cara Yoga Retreats Social Link #WhatWorkedForMe   From: Natasha Mahindra <natashamahindra@gmail.c...

What Inspired Kris to start The Outfit?

Kristian Ebenezer-Founder at The OutFit (A Real Fitness Athlete) Social Link First and foremost, my gym is not a cr...

Yogance (Yoga & Dance) with Apoorva

Apoorva Jayarajan-Designer, Choreographer, Yoga & Acro Yoga practitioner Social Link Being a Dancer, I first sta...
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